General Liability

Required Insurance for most VA Businesses

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

General Liability Insurance for businesses cover the costs of liability claims made against your business for personal injury, property damage and advertising claims.

General Liability typically covers:

  • Property damage claims made against your business
  • Personal injury claims made against your business
  • Advertising injury claims made against your business
  • Attorney fees related to settling covered claims
  • Administrative costs to handle covered claims
  • Court costs associated with covered claims
  • Settlements and judgments for covered claims

General Liability usually does not cover:

  • Costs of damage to your own business property
  • Costs of personal injury claims made by your own employees due to work related incidents
  • Costs of auto accidents caused by you or your employees while driving for work purposes
  • Purposefully illegal or malicious acts

Judgments, settlements, lawyer and court fees can be extremely expensive. Even if you do not need to go to court, you will need to pay for legal counsel, administrative work by legal personnel and other unforeseen losses.

For most small businesses, this would cause their businesses to greatly suffer or close. Luckily, there are great policies available that will protect you against such great losses.

General Liability Insurance coverage can help pay for lawsuit expenses, which may include:

  • Lawyer fees. These fees quickly add up as lawyers charge per hour.
  • Court costs. Filing court documents is expensive and cannot be avoided.
  • Administrative costs. Lawsuits involve lots of sharing of documents for lawyers to examine. That means shipping, processing, software, and photocopy charges.
  • Settlements. Even if you are able to settle out of court, you may very well be responsible for paying the plaintiff, depending on what your lawyer recommends.
  • Judgments. If you go to trial and lose, you must pay a court judgment or risk a judgment lien being placed on your business assets.

Who Needs General Liability Insurance?

Virginia general liability insurance is required by the state for most business owners.

There are many businesses who should have general liability insurance they include:

  • Businesses who have a store, office or building that’s open to the public, clients, and/or vendors
  • Handle or work on or near client property.
  • Advertise or do marketing for your business.
  • Have a social media presence or use social media both personally and professionally.
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Should you need to use your General Liability policy, we will be right there with you. We will walk you through the process of getting the coverage your policy offers. We remove the stress of getting the funds so you can deal with the issue at hand. When you work with us, you are working with a family whose goal is to protect you and your business.

Eligible Classes:

Adult Day Care Centers
Architects, Engineers
Art Gallery
Auto Repair Service
Barber Shop
Bars & Night Clubs
Beauty Salon
Bed & Breakfasts
Burglar, Fire, Security Alarm Contractor
Car Wash
Carpentry Contractors
Churches/Houses Of Worship
Civic Organizations
Clothing Store
Collection Agencies
Computer Consulting
Concrete Contractor
Convenience Stores
Copying And Duplicating Service
Counseling Services
Country Clubs
Craft Breweries
Dental Laboratories
Diagnostic Testing Labs
Document Shredder
Drywall Contractors
Electrical Contractors
Employment/Staffing Agencies
Equipment Repair Service
Excavation Contractors
Fence Erection
Floor Covering
Food Banks
Funeral Homes
General Contractors
Glass Dealer & Glaziers
Golf Courses
Goodwill Programs
Graphic Designers
Grocery Store
Hardware Store
Health And Fitness Centers
Home Health Care Service
Hospice Care
Hunting/Gun Clubs
Hvac Contractors
Insurance Agencies
Janitorial Contractors
Jewelry Store
Landscape Contractors
Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Law Offices
Lawn Service
Lessors Risk Buildings
Masonry Contractor
Medical Offices/Physicians
Mobile Concession And Food Trucks
Mortgage Brokers
Nail Salon
Painting Contractor
Pawn Shops
Pest Control
Pet Boarding
Pet Groomers
Pet Trainers
Plumbing Contractors
Pool Services
Portable Toilet Rentals
Process Servers
Professional Trade Associations
Property Managers
Real Estate Agencies
Recycling Operations
Rental Dwellings
Safety Services
Salvage Yard
Sand And Gravel Hauling
Self Storage Facilities
Septic Contractors
Shoe Store
Snow Removal
Social Services
Street And Road Construction
Tree Services
Vape Store
Vending Operations

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